$10 to $1.1 Million USD » How?

Power of Compounding Proven to become a millionaire within 85Trading days.

Capital Investment:- $10
Total Trading Days:- 85
Robot:- R3-07 (10Pair High Return Robo)
Start Date:- 27-2-2020

Trading account Initiated with 0.01 Lot size from 02-03-2020
Each time with 100USD profit-booking lot size multiplied with 0.01 Lot size.

100% Profit Re-Investment strategy used for Robot and limit reaches 60.0Lot Each time with a particular pair.

$10 Converted into $1.1 million with only 50% Accuracy in less than 3Months period. >> How?

Total trades:- 4593
profit Trades:- 2279 (Approx 50% Accuracy)
Largest Risk:Reward:- 1:8
Average Risk:Reward:- 1:3
Profit Factor:- 2.44

Even with 50% accuracy with proper Risk: Reward $1.1 Profit Acquired.
Check Live with our Statement:-


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