What is BUY IT, RUN IT, & RENT IT?

What is “BUY IT”?

“BUY IT” literally means to own it at the cost of certain predefined price. A client pays for the ROBO and he/she then owns it.

– Client can RESELL it and Start his own business
– Client can use it as per his own disposal
– Company will transfer the ownership commercially to the payee.
– Buying a ROBO may cost $1000 USD to $70000 USD

What is “RENT IT”?

Do you think buying an expensive robo can be a very tough deal? Don’t worry we have got you covered. If you can not own a robo, you can now RENT IT, with some initial payment + monthly rentals. NO PROFIT SHARING.

“RENT IT” means Client will pay some Initial Amount to rent the robo and then client will pay monthly rental to company which may vary from EA to EA.

What is “RUN IT”?

Even less payment than that of “RENT IT”, Pay small amount and share your profit and you can RUN IT as long as you wish.

“RUN IT” means Client will pay some Initial Payment prefixed by company (which varies from EA to EA), after that Client will share profit with the Company every week. Profit Sharing may vary from 20(company):80(client) to 50:50.



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