» Automated trading systems are the direct opposite of manual trading systems. They operate according to algorithms, which enable the volume and efficiency of trades to increase

— Eliminates emotion
— Backtest strategies
— Rapid execution
— No errors
— Multiple Execution 
— Complete peace of Mind
— Proper Risk and Money management

» Prefixed Risk = 2% to 3%
(can be adjusted as per client's preference)

» SL TP ENTRY EXIT all PreEntered — so Calculated Risk and Reward

» Lot size is auto-adjusted in each trade so compounding Earning in each trade.

» Volatility Tested Robo

» Profit sharing

» Tested & Selected currency pairs only

Basically, we are providing 3 services
Buy it
Rent it
Run it

What is “BUY IT”?
“BUY IT” literally means to own it at the cost of certain predefined price. A client pays for the ROBO and he/she then owns it.

– Client can RESELL it and Start his own business
– Client can use it as per his own disposal
– Company will transfer the ownership commercially to the payee.
– Buying a ROBO may cost $1000 USD to $70000 USD

What is “RENT IT”?
Do you think buying an expensive robo can be a very tough deal? Don’t worry we have got you covered. If you can not own a robo, you can now RENT IT, with some initial payment + monthly rentals. NO PROFIT SHARING.

“RENT IT” means Client will pay some Initial Amount to rent the robo and then client will pay monthly rental to company which may varies from EA to EA.

What is “RUN IT”?
Even less payment than that of “RENT IT”, Pay small amount and share your profit and you can RUN IT as long as you wish.

“RUN IT” means Client will pay some Initial Payment prefixed by company (which varies from EA to EA), after that Client will share profit with the Company every week. Profit Sharing may varies as per capital investment.60%(client):40%(company) to 80%(client):20%(company).

— SL TP Entry Exit, All pre applied so RISK is calculated.

— Volatility Tested ROBO 

— Instant Execution during Volatility, SL is Madatorily applied

— Max Risk = 2% 
— Backtested = 5 years
— DemoTested = 6 months
— Risk Reward = 1:2
— Currency Pairs = 5 only

1 — Client Should have MT4/MT5 Platform

2 — Minimum Capital $100 — Maxium No Limit — Fees to be paid as per chosen service

Payment can be done through :- 
Western Union 
Bank transfer
Master Card / Visa card

— We have a strict privacy policy. We never share any information whatsoever about our clients. 

— With investor ID and Password, our trades are also being copied

— The company has many high-profile clients & those Clients are extremely cautious about whom they work with. 

— To help the free trader ensure about our Robo performance's accuracy and efficacy we have very transparent www.forexrobo.trading/performance 

— We are the world's only investment advisor who provides Live YouTube Streaming for live trading live profit booking, every day.

— More than 700+ Live Traded Streaming, 2000+ integrated links,  enough to prove transparency

BUY IT = YOU purchase the robo and then you can use it at your disposal, you can resell it also

RENT IT = YOU just pay the rent every month, we will connect it with our robo account and all profit will be yours, NO profit sharing , just pay the rent ROBO WISE everymoth

RUN IT = YOU give us your account and we will run your account at our premises you pay small fees intially and then profit sharing everyweek

ForexRoboTrading Services

98 Apostolou Pavlou, 8046 Paphos Cyprus
Call : +45 36 98 04 05
WhatsApp: +971-52-269-8418
Email: forexrobotrading1@gmail.com
Skype ID: @Forex Robotrading

Capital will be divided in 25
Each Capital RUN with different EA / different highly successful strategies

1- Trend trading
Trade base on high volatile market and pick the trade with 95% success ratio
SL & TP applied at the same time
Risk : Reward = 1:2 minimum to 1:10 can follow by trailing SL to get maximum advantage of trend movement

2- EURUSD Hedge trading BUY/SELL both side trade will be done to maintain Drawdown 2 to 5% only

3- 20 Pairs Trading base on 25 Indicators
20 position open always
Buy Position open by Combination of 25 indicators
Once the BUY signal finished, Indicator will close the trade either in profit or loss (SL auto followed)
Same time SELL signal will be generated as per Indicator direction.
Drawdown = 1 to 5% maximum

4-Hedge trading with 20 pairs

5-Grid trading with maximum drawdown = 15%

6-Martingale in EURUSD @ SELL SIDE only
Max drawdown = 20%


8-Commodities USOIL Robo

9-Commodities XAUUSD Robo

10-Night ROBO which trades in Calm hours
SL & TP followed with 99% accuracy rate, 10pip gain 30pip Risk

11-Scalping 24x7 hrs by RSI/BollingerBand/CCI Indicaotor/MACD/
14pip Gain 7 pip SL

12-Pattern Breakout trading as per Candlestick pattern

13-Script will be connected
SL/TP followed
Stop Loss Order BUY or SELL side will remain in Pending order

14-Limit order strategy by following Resistance/Support of Pivot line-Major Pairs
Safe and consistent retrun
SL/TP followed
Accuracy = 85%

15-Fibonaccis Level Trading = Major Pairs
SL/TP followed
Accuracy = 90%

16-BTC trading
SL/TP followed.
Entry Exit as per 20 Indicators

17-Volume breakout Trading
SL/TP followed
Put/Call Ratio+Analyzie ECN Broker Volume for Entry
Exit will be followed by Trailing SL

18-Long Term trading by holding for minimum 100pips with 50pip SL
USE Daily Chart for Entry/Exit
Less Trades
Holding period 1week to 1 month
Accuracy = 75% maintain in consistent basic

19-ADX+Fast/Slow Moving Averages Crossover trading
Entry/Exit followed by -Ve or +Ve Cross Over
Major pairs and Minor Pairs both are supported.


1st Option
Client can provide 1 Master accounts and we will set 25EA in different charts with separate magic number

2nd Option
Client can provide separate 25 MT4/MT5 accounts and we will set each EA individually

If You choose to have DrawDwn of 10% = Then Expect ROI 30% to 40%

If DD 10% = ROI 30% to 40%

If DD 20% = ROI 50% to 80%

If DD 50% = ROI 150% to 300%

If DD 80% = ROI 400% to 1000%


YouTube Channel 1




YouTube Channel 2




YouTube Channel 3




YouTube Channel 4




YouTube Channel 5




YouTube Channel 6




YouTube Channel 7




YouTube Channel 8




YouTube Channel 9




YouTube Channel 10


For small accounts

Min one time Fees/Charges to connect account : $500

 Min Capital in Trading account : $200 to $1000

Profit sharing will be started only after the profit made = the fees paid initially.

Imp Note:

DEMO  account we trade with higher lot size but when you give REAL account lot size will be 10 times smaller and profit will be 10 times higher.

DEMO account is traded with only 1 strategy i.e. breakout strategy

While REAL account will be traded with Multiple (more than 10) Strategies like — Trend trading — Break out Trading  — Level trading — Hedging Strategy — Scalping  — Positional/Swap Trading — Parallel Trading — News Impact Trading — Scapling

Risk : Reward Ratio Selection

Choose your RRR wisely or take assistance :-

1. Safe/Conservative
2. Moderate
3. High/Aggressive

1. Safe/Conservative trading:

Risk: 10 to 20%
Reward: 25 to 40%

2.Moderate trading:

Risk :25 to 40%
Reward: 60 to 80%

3. High/Aggressive trading:

Risk: 60 to 80%
Reward: 120 to 150%

» As Per your capital investment and Risk: Reward preference you have to Select the Robo and make the payment through available payment gateways

» Client has to complete After Payment process by providing basic details like Name, number, country, etc.

» Your trading account will be linked with our ROBO to get same trade reflection

Incase of Further Query Feel Free to ask — @chart019

Benefits of Connecting ROBO :-

As per the preliminary results of 2020, it is Proved that Robos are performing far better than humans in generating profit — Complete automated trading system taking place


For Appointment:

Contact number:
Real account investment:1 Million +
Meeting with: Tech Team Person/Sales Executive?Customer Care/Management Team
Email Id:
Purpose of Meeting:

We are providing 3major service categories on each product,
» Run Robo
» Rent Robo
» Buy Robo

Run=$1300 | Rent=$2250 | Buy= $4500
Capital Requirement: $500 to $2.5K

Run=$2100  | Rent=$3500 | Buy=$7000
Capital Requirement: $2.5K to $5K

Run=$3500 | Rent=$6000 | Buy =$12000
Capital Requirement: $5K to $10K

Capital Requirement: $10k to $25k

Note :-
Run it » one Time payment + Profit sharing weekly 40%
Rent it » One time payment + Monthly Rent
Buy it » Source code or EXE file

Channel » For each channel prices are separate.

Active Robo performance & Statement you can verify from below given link


You have to pay the fees to start the service, after that you will have to share your trading account details with us.
profit sharing ratio whill be 60:40.
From the profit, you will keep 60% and 40% you will have to share with the company
you will have to share profit weekly.
profit sharing will start after once your fees will be recovered that you have paid to the company.

You can check Transparency of Robo performance which are connected with live real accounts with their statements and 24x7 live running YouTube Streamings which is explained here. You can watch by Below given link.

if you want to test our robo performance first on your demo account you can give your demo account to the company we will connect your account with our robo you can check our robo performance on your account once you satisfied with robo performance you can start with real account

Not currently.
If we ever provide trials, we will add that information here.

Any MT4 broker is compatible, we have clients all around the world.

You can use your current broker, or choose from our recommendations.

you can start with a minimum $100 to $500 minimum deposit as per the EA.

Once the software is installed to your trading account, it will monitor the markets.

When trades are available, the robot will place trades automatically, and then close those trades automatically based on the settings.

You can manually intervene, but there is no need to intervene as the software is completely automated.

You cannot use this on your phone.

Our robots work on either MT4 or MT5, which require a PC, MAC or VPS.

We aim to grow accounts 10-20% per month minimum and maximum up to 500%

This does depend on market conditions though, and past results do not guarantee future profits.


Check your email (and junk mail) there you will get files.


There are NO updates, upsells or extra charges.

If your Question not Covered with above faqs you may write downyour query in below box,we will update it in our faqs